About the Show

Created by Doug Momary in the 1970s, The New Zoo Revue delighted children and parents alike by addressing social and behavioral issues with a powerful message and unforgettable music. Characters like Freddie the Frog and Henrietta Hippo sang their way into our hearts and showed us the importance of caring for ourselves, each other, and the wider world around us.

The New Zoo Revue is a live-action musical comedy series that uses songs and stories to teach children how to respond with kindness and respect towards all. With insight, understanding, and a playful sense of humor, it encourages kids to make wise choices, promoting good habits that will have a positive and lasting effect on their lives and the lives of those around them.

The series takes place in a wondrous courtyard inhabited by the characters Freddie the Frog, Henrietta Hippo, and Charlie the Owl. They face relatable challenges, overcoming them by learning from each other and working together. Each episode focuses on a different topic & guides viewers with a gentle hand, navigating the various twists and turns with wisdom, love, and laughter.

Endorsed by the National Education Association, the series was viewed in over three million households a day. At the height of its popularity, the cast was invited to the White House, first to perform at a Christmas show for the children of UN delegates and then to perform for underprivileged kids at the annual Easter Egg Roll on the south lawn. The cast made personal appearances and performed live in locations across the United States.


The Cast

The exceptional cast that brought The New Zoo Revue characters to life included Sharon Baird, Bill Callaway, and Bob Holt as Charlie the Owl; Yanco Inone and Joni Robbins as Freddie the Frog; Larri Thomas and Hazel Shermet as Henrietta Hippo and Frieda the Frog; Fran Ryan as Ms. Goodbody; Chuck Woolery and Walker Edminston as Mr. Dingle; Gordon Wiles as Nor Nor; and Doug Momary & Emily Peden as the lead characters Doug & Emmy Jo.


The Creator

Doug Momary, in addition to playing the lead role of Doug on the show, is the creative genius behind The New Zoo Revue. When asked by toy store owner Barbara Atlas if he could come up with a show, Doug Momary's vision began to take shape as he created the characters, giving each one their unique personality. With great attention to detail, he conceptualized the set, named the show, mapped out storylines for 196 episodes, and single-handedly wrote over 600 songs that continue to be enjoyed by listeners today.

Doug eventually brought his expertise to Las Vegas, Nevada where he opened Laguna Productions, a high-end production company dedicated to bringing quality programs and commercials to the Southwest and beyond. Over the last 30 years, he's filmed & directed projects for clients across the United States, including a World War II reenactment for the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and the Journeys with the Messiah documentary, filmed in Italy, for renowned photographer Michael Belk.

Doug continues to live out his mission to positively influence others by pouring his creativity into his song and script writing.